STX Technology introduces a robust Industrial Panel PC tailored for demanding industrial settings. Featuring IP66 waterproofing, diverse power and connectivity options, including 5G, and customizable touch capabilities, it offers a cost-effective solution for modern industries.
STX Technology's X8200 and X8300 Industrial Touch Panel PCs offer customizable, reliable machinery HMI control. With Windows, Linux, or monitor-only options, these rugged devices suit various applications, from stainless steel (X8200) for hygiene-critical industries to tough aluminum (X8300) for harsh environments. Manufactured to order with short lead times, they ensure seamless connectivity and performance.
Reliable and high-quality, STX Technology Industrial Panel PCs offer a trusted alternative for New Zealand's industrial sector. Seamlessly integrate these rugged devices for uninterrupted operations and enhanced productivity in automation and control systems.
High Speed Serial Interface, Bits and Baud Rates -Wednesday, September 30, 2020
High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) addresses the need for faster data communication transfers and STX Technology meets the challenge with the option of including HSSI capable of producing up to 900k Kbs baud rates into our systems.
STX Technology with CAN Bus Capability -Monday, September 14, 2020
CANBus can be added as an option to virtually all of STX Technology products to enhance the ability you have to ascertain data on real time parameters.
XRH7000 Vehicle Touch Computer (G3) -Monday, July 15, 2019
STX Technologys latest generation Vehicle Touch Computing Solutions
STX Technology presents the new Safety configuration for Industrial Panel PCs. Designed specifically for outdoor applications and situations where unit visibility is a requirement.
STX Technology offers an update for its product range with more options available now
The new KB range with built-in keyboard -Tuesday, February 27, 2018
STX Technology presents the new range of industrial computers and monitors with built-in IP65 rated keyboard.
X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC Quad Core CPU -Wednesday, January 31, 2018
STX Technology presents the updated X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC Range with more powerful Quad Core CPU as a standard option.