Computers for Agriculture

STX Technology provides an extensive range of Touch Computers for Agriculture. Harsh Environment Computers, Panel PCs and Vehicle Mount Computers are fully sealed and designed to be used indoors or in an outside environment. These products are proven in a range of farming applications including tractors and other agricultural vehicles. Our range of XRH7000 G3 in vehicle mounted computers are a great solution to improve efficiency in the agricultural sector. Take a look at the ranges that are most suitable for use within an agricultural environment. 



Most Popular Computers for Agriculture:



Vehicle Mount Touch Computer


Touch Monitor


Touch Panel PC

XRH Agricultural Computer

X4500 Agricultural Computer

X9000 Agricultural Computer

  • Tough 10 inch Touch Screen
  • Tough Aluminium Design
  • Designed specifically for extreme in-vehicle environments
  • Tough 22 inch Touch Screen
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Tough 12 inch Touch Screen
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Engineered for extreme environments


STX Technology's rugged Vehicle Touch Computers are proven to withstand the high vibration levels in tractors and many other agricultural vehicles. Engineered with wide power input and IO options, it is a compact and effective solution.



  • Tractor Computer
  • Truck Computer
  • Harvester Computer



Vehicle Computer

XRH Touch Computer for Meat Plants


Vehicle Monitor

XRH Touch Monitor for Meat Processing 


Touch Computer Range

X9000 Agricultural Computer



Touch Computer Range

X7500 Agricultural Computer



Touch Monitor Range

X4500 Agricultural Monitor



Extender Touch Monitor Range

X4500-EX Agricultural Touch Extender Monitor


STX Technology's Agriculture Computers have a list of configuration options offering the choice of Projective Capacitive or Resistive touch screens available in sizes from 8 through to 24 inches. High bright screens are also available for the outdoor environment.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand and built to incorporate up-to-the-minute industry requirements. STX Technology’s products are proven in different applications in Australia and worldwide. Give us a call to get more information.


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