Fanless PCs

Fanless PCs have a wide range of advantages in comparison to fan cooled computers. Computers generally have fans and vents to allow air to cool down the CPU, but this also allows dust and debris to be drawn into the system. Fanless systems use a passive heat sink to divert heat away from the CPU preventing that from happening. Fanless PCs also have improved air cooling technology to keep operating temperatures at optimal levels. These units also come equipped with solid state drives instead of the more traditional HDD which removes the issue of performance problems that can be caused from spinning discs.

Fanless PCs have to operate reliably in a wide range of environments many of which involve harsh and demanding conditions. When choosing an industrial PC, the environment needs to be taken in consideration, with regards to dust, dirt, water sprays, humidity, debris, temperature extremes and vibration.


Most Popular Fanless Computers:



Fanless PC


Fanless PC


Fanless PC

best panel pc

  • Tough 12.1 inch Touch Screen
  • Intel® 2.0GHz Quad Core CPU
  • Highly Polished Finish
  • 24 Inch Full HD Touch Screen
  • Built-in waterproof keyboard
  • 304 Stainless Steel enclosure
  • Tough 15 inch Touch Screen
  • 304 Stainless Steel enclosure
  • Entry-level device


There are some environments where only fanless PCs can be used. Sterile environments such as medical operating rooms, pharmaceuticals, horticulture grow facilities and other similar locations are very sensitive to contaminants. In hazardous locations like mining, oil-drilling, military, manufacturing or construction, it is important to use only fanless computers as they have no moving parts and minimise the risk of creating sparks. For these applications, fully sealed fanless PCs are recommended to minimise any risk.

Engineered specifically for industrial applications, these Fanless PCs are energy-efficient and have longer life cycles ensuring continuous and reliable operation with lower maintenance costs. No moving parts also means considerably less noise coming from the unit.


Advantages of Fanless PCs:

  • Suitable for Harsh Environments. Fanless computers don’t suck in dust, dirt, water spray or debris that may cause a malfunction of the unit. This ensures more ways to use Industrial Fanless PCs: indoors, outdoors, in regular environments and in the harsh conditions of production areas.
  • No Moving Parts. Fanless PCs are not as sensitive to vibration and shock which makes them a more reliable solution for in-vehicle, warehousing, forklift and other industrial applications.
  • Energy efficient. Heat sinks used in Fanless PCs are more energy efficient than fans leading to a more cost-effective option.
  • Location Flexibility. There are some conditions where only fanless computers can be used such as in medical facilities and hazardous locations where moving parts could cause a sparking issue.
  • Longer product life cycle. Engineered specifically for industrial use, fanless computers have many benefits to ensure longer reliable operation and built tough to withstand demanding environments. All these factors combine to make this solution more cost-effective with lower operating costs.
  • Quieter Operation. Traditional fan cooled computers produce more noise  than a fanless system.



Fanless PC Range


Fanless PC Range


Fanless PC Range

X7600 aluminium panel pc



Fanless PC Range

X7300 Fanless PC - Aluminium Enclosure



Fanless PC Range



STX Technology offers a wide range of Fanless Computers: Industrial Touch Panel PCs and Touch Monitors, Large Format Touch Panel PCs and Monitors, and Vehicle Mount Computers and Monitors. There are fully sealed options with IP67 rated connectors available as well as rugged stainless steel and aluminium units. All STX Technology’s products are proven in a range of different applications in New Zealand, Australia and around the world, and backed up by local support team. To request a quote or to get more information about Fanless PCs or other products, please contact the STX Team.


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