Vehicle Mount Touch Computers

The STX Technology Vehicle Mount Touch Computers are proven in a range of different in-vehicle applications in New Zealand, Australia and around the world. Designed specifically for extreme in-vehicle environments when vibration, extreme temperatures and dust are involved. STX Vehicle Mounted PCs and Monitors are a reliable solution for many different business applications.


Most Popular Products:


XRH7010-RT G3

Vehicle Mount Touch Computer

XRH7012-W-RT G3

Vehicle Mount Touch Computer

XRH7008-RT G3

Vehicle Mount Touch Monitor

XRH7000 - Vehicle Mounted Computer

XRH7000 - Vehicle Mount PC

XRH4000 - Vehicle Mounted Monitor

  • Tough 10 inch Touch Screen
  • 1000 nits high Brightness Display
  • Intel Quad Core CPU
  • Tough 12 inch Touch Screen
  • 1280 x 800 WXGA (16:10) Display
  • Wide 8~36VDC Power Input
  • Tough 8 inch Touch Screen
  • Strong Aluminium Enclosure
  • Multiple connectivity options

Vehicle Mount Computers from STX Technology are compact in size. They are available with touch screens from 8 to 15 inches and installed with your choice of Windows, Linux or Android OS. Fast wireless connections (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) assist in keeping workers connected to business data and offer the option to update information in real-time.


Applications: in vehicle touch computer


The STX Vehicle Mounted Terminals are Manufactured in tough aluminium. Strong VESA or RAM mounting, wide power input, connectivity options and many computer port configurations, creates a strong, tough computing solution for virtually any in-vehicle application. STX Technology’s Vehicle Mount Touch PC is ready to be dispatched worldwide. Contact the STX Team today to get more information about STX’s Vehicle Mount Touch Computing solutions.


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