Forestry Computers

STX Technology's Tough Vehicle Touch Computers are in operation across many forestry applications, including log haulers, log loaders and forklifts. The touch computers and monitors are designed to withstand vibration, liquid, extreme temperatures, and dusty areas. For tasks that involve outdoors environments, leave it to the computers that have been designed to take on the jobs in the midst of harsh weather conditions, in dirty areas, in locations where vibration, shock and other hazards are abundant. STX Technology's in-vehicle computers and monitors provide a touch computing solution for anywhere that encounters rough and rugged conditions. 


Most Popular Products:



Vehicle Mount Touch Computer


Vehicle Mount Touch Monitor FULL HD


Touch Panel PC

XRH Forestry Computer

XRH Forestry Touch Monitor

best touch computer

  • Tough 10 inch Touch Screen
  • Aluminium Enclosure
  • Designed specifically for extreme in-vehicle environments
  • Tough 13 inch Full HD Touch Screen
  • Aluminium Enclosure
  • Designed specifically for extreme in-vehicle environments
  • Tough 22 inch Touch Screen
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Fully Sealed Enclosure
  • Fanless Design


Forestry Computers come with Windows providing an effective solution for operators to complete tasks faster and more accurate. The vehicle mount touch computers are available in various screen sizes with wide power and a selection of versatile mounting options. The STX Technology range of Harsh Environment Touch Computers are also proven in the rugged Saw Milling industry, within the production process, weighbridges and other areas.



Vehicle Computer

XRH Touch Computer for Meat Plants


Vehicle Monitor

XRH Touch Monitor for Meat Processing 




Touch Computer Range



Touch Monitor Range



Extender Touch Monitor Range


The STX PCs and monitors are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and ready to be dispatched to Australia and worldwide. To get more information about STX Technology’s products, contact us today.


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