The new KB range with built-in keyboard

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

X7200-KB Industrial Touch Panel PC with built-in keyboard

X7200-KB Industrial Computer - Rear View

The latest addition to the comprehensive selection of Industrial Touch Computers and Monitors is the new KB range combining the proven advantages of panel PCs and the convenience of the stainless steel keyboard.

The keyboard is IP65 rated compliant and can withstand dust, dirt, humidity, temperature extremes and other challenging environments. As an option, an IP67 rated stainless steel keyboard is available with all units in the STX Technology’s KB range. This keyboard assists users to complete everyday tasks easier and faster, providing a reliable and efficient solution for applications requiring a high level of data input.

Using a physical keyboard frees up space on the screen otherwise taken up by the virtual keyboard and also provides a more comfortable interaction for users with larger hands or those wearing gloves. Thanks to the IP65 rating, the keyboard can be cleaned with water or appropriate cleaning liquids. In combination with the tough stainless steel enclosure, this creates a reliable solution for harsh production environments.


X7200-KB Industrial Touch Panel PC

X7200-KB Industrial Computer - Connectors

The KB range includes touch screen industrial computers and monitors. The standard off-the-shelf X7200-KB touch computer features an Intel® 2.0GHz Quad Core CPU, 4GB RAM and a 60GB SSD. The X4200-KB touch monitor has a high quality industrial screen and a range of input ports. All products are available in screen sizes from 15.6 inches through to 24 inches with 16:9 or 5:4 screen ratios. A wide choice of configuration, mounting, power input, connectivity and port options ensures versatility for use in any industrial application, including indoor and outdoor.

Earlier this year, STX Technology also released an updated version of its popular X7200 Panel PC range which is now available with Intel® 2.0GHz Quad Core CPU as a standard option.


X7200-KB Industrial Touch Panel PC

X7200-KB Industrial Computer - Connectors

As a leading New Zealand manufacturer of Harsh Environment Touch Computers, STX Technology works with customers from all over the world. With a wealth of experience in the manufacture, prototyping and development of touch computing solutions, STX Technology offers a comprehensive range of products including Harsh Environment Computers, Industrial Panel PCs, Large Format Industrial Computers, Touchscreen Monitors, Vehicle Mount Terminals, Touchscreen Kiosk Solutions and many others. Contact the STX Team for more information.



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