Harsh Environment Touch Computing Solutions

STX Technology introduces a robust Industrial Panel PC tailored for demanding industrial settings. Featuring IP66 waterproofing, diverse power and connectivity options, including 5G, and customizable touch capabilities, it offers a cost-effective solution for modern industries.
STX Technology's X8200 and X8300 Industrial Touch Panel PCs offer customizable, reliable machinery HMI control. With Windows, Linux, or monitor-only options, these rugged devices suit various applications, from stainless steel (X8200) for hygiene-critical industries to tough aluminum (X8300) for harsh environments. Manufactured to order with short lead times, they ensure seamless connectivity and performance.
Reliable and high-quality, STX Technology Industrial Panel PCs offer a trusted alternative for New Zealand's industrial sector. Seamlessly integrate these rugged devices for uninterrupted operations and enhanced productivity in automation and control systems.