X7632 32 inch Industrial Touch Panel Monitor

  • - 32 inch Touch Screen
  • - 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • - 16:9 widescreen display
  • - Large format
  • - IP66 / IP69K
  • - Fully sealed enclosure
  • - IP67 / IP68 industrial connectors
  • - 10VDC~30VDC Power Input
  • - 3rd Generation Product

Designed specifically for industrial use

Industrial 10VDC~30VDC power input combined with high-quality touch screen and fully sealed aluminium enclosure.

Proven in extreme conditions

Strong enclosure, fanless construction and IP67 / IP68 connectors to withstand corrosion, water and dust.

Easy mounting options

Standard mounting for the X7600 is VESA or Panel Mount.



IP Rated industrial connectors

IP67 / IP68 industrial connectors are a reliable solution for environments where humidity, water, dust, dirt, corrosion or debris are involved.



Used across industries

Warehousing, Food Processing, Dairy, Automation & control, Mining, Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Marine and others.




Can be used for a number of industrial applications including Information display, Safety, CCTV, Data collection, Loading Applications, barcode scanning and others

  • Designed for Industrial Environments
  • High-quality 32 inch screen
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 16:9 widescreen display
  • Large Format
  • Fully Sealed Enclosure
  • Manufactured in Aluminium
  • IP67 / IP68 Connectors
  • Multiple port options: HDMI, VGA, DVI
  • Wide 10VDC~30VDC Power Input
  • VESA or Panel Mount
  • A range of colours
  • Global support


X4600-RT Panel Monitor


X7632 M-PT

  • Projective Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Screen
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 10VDC~30VDC power input
  • VESA or Panel Mount


X4600-RT Panel Monitor


X7632 M-NT

  • No-Touch Screen
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 10VDC~30VDC power input
  • VESA or Panel Mount


Panel PC


Link Here to Industrial Panel PC Range



Upgrades and mounting options



High brightness displays:

  • High Brightness 600 nits for bright environments
  • High Brightness 1000 nits for outdoors


Materials and finishes:

  • Brushed Aluminium
  • Safety Yellow
  • Colour of your choice



  • Panel Mount
  • VESA Mount



  • 10~30VDC

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Touch Type Projective Capacitive (PCAP) or No-Touch


LCD Size 32 inch, 16:9
Colours 16.2 million
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Other Supported Resolutions 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1366 x 768, 1440 x 900, 1680 x 1050
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Viewing Angle Horizontal: ±70° or 140° total, Vertical: 60/55° or 115° total
Response Time 11.5 msec
Brightness (Typical) 350 nits (optional High Brightness 600 nits or 1000 nits)


Touch USB or RS-232
Video VGA or HDMI or DVI

Mechanical & Environmental

Material Aluminium
Colour Matte Black or Brushed Aluminium or Safety Yellow (optional Colour of your choice)
Connectors IP67 / IP68
Power Input 230VAC (optional 10VDC~30VDC)
Mounting VESA or Panel Mount

X5200 Industrial Panel Monitor

X7000 Monitor Range

X7300 Panel PC Range

 X7000 Industrial Rugged Computer  X7000 Industrial Rugged Monitor  X7300 Industrial Panel Mounted Computer
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Touch Monitor
  • Multiple CPU Options
  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • IP67 / IP68 Rated Connectors
  • M10 Side Bolt mounting
  • Tough Light weight Aluminium Enclosure
  • Fanless Design
  • Panel Mount


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