X5415 15 Inch Rack Mount Monitor

  • - 15 Inch Touch Screen
  • - Tough Steel Construction
  • - 10VDC~30VDC Power Input
  • - 19" Standard Rack Mount

industrial use

Designed for industrial use

  • 10VDC~30VDC power input
  • Industrial touch screen

Proven product

Proven tough

  • Steel enclosure
  • Strong construction

Rack Mount Monitor 

Easy mounting options

  • 19" 2RU, 3RU, 4RU, 5RU and 6RU  rackmount all-in-one PCs
  • Simple assembly
  • Set of cage nuts



 X5400 Monitor Ports


  • 1 x VGA
  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x DVI

Industrial Use

Used across industries

  • Warehousing
  • Food Processing
  • Dairy
  • Mining
  • Process Control
  • Construction
  • Plant Automation
  • Automation Control
  • Industrial Control



    • Information Display
    • Safety
    • Data Acquisition
    • Networking
    • SCADA/MES applications
  • Defense
  • Loading Applications
  • Avionics
  • Energy


The 15 inch rack mount monitor features a quality resistive or projective capacitive touch screen, industrial grade quality steel construction compliant with EIA universal standards in a tough 19" rackmount enclosure with a matte black finish.

The X5415-M mounts directly onto a 19" rack using a standard rack cage nut system. The sturdy 6RU 15 inch rack mount monitor is ideal for industrial and commercial applications such as automation/process control where an industrial grade Touch Monitor is required to bolt into a Server Rack or Network Rack. The X5415-M Rack Mount Touch Monitor has an industrial touch screen in a rugged rack-mountable format for dependable operation.

Contact the STX Team today to find out more about the X5415-M Industrial Rack Mount Monitor and other high quality industrial touch computing products.

  • Designed and Built for Tough Environments
  • Resistive or Projective Capacitive (PCAP) Touch Screen
  • Strong Steel Enclosure
  • Matte Black Finish
  • 19" Rack Mount
  • Wide 10~30VDC Power Input
  • Australian and Global Support

Resistive screen



Tough Steel Construction
Matte Black Finish
19" Rack mount
10~30VDC power input

Resistive screen

Projective Capacitive


Tough Steel Construction
Matte Black Finish
19" Rack mount
10~30VDC power input

Resistive screen

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Touch Type Resistive or Projective Capacitive (PCAP)
LCD Size 15 Inch
Colours 16.2 million
Resolution 1024 x 768
Other Supported Resolutions 640 x 480, 800 x 600
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Viewing Angle Horizontal: ±70° or 140° total, Vertical: 60/55° or 115° total
Response Time 14.5 msec
Brightness (Typical) 350 nits (optional High Brightness 600 nits or 1000 nits)
Touch USB or RS-232
Video VGA, HDMI or DVI
Mechanical & Environmental  
Material Steel
Finish Matte Black
Mounting 19" Rack Mount
Power Input 12VDC or 10~30VDC


  • X5400 110-230VAC 60W Power Brick - X5400-PB603P

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