Updated X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC Range now comes with Quad Core CPU as a standard option

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC with Quad Core CPU

X7200 Industrial Computer - Rear View

As a part of our on-going development process, STX Technology is always looking for an opportunity to create better solutions for our customers. The X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC Range has proven itself in many different applications and is successfully used by companies in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe. As the next step in the modernisation of this product range, STX Technology has created a new generation of the X7200 Panel PC Range with a Quad Core CPU.

Industrial PCs require high performance levels to complete complex tasks and to handle regular tasks easier and faster. STX Technology understands the requirements of clients and present even more effective solutions for them. The new generation of the X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC comes with an Intel® 2.0GHz Quad Core CPU offering a new level of productivity. Combined with a comprehensive range of connectivity options, the X7200 Panel PC is a complete industrial computing solution.


X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC - PCAP Touch Screen

X7200 Industrial Computer - Connectors

The X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC is used in a range of applications: food processing, meat and fish production, medical, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, warehousing and many others. It has a tough stainless steel enclosure offering protection from dust, dirt, humidity and allowing it to operate continuously in harsh environments. Fanless technology gives customers an opportunity to install the X7200 Range into challenging locations.

There are many accessories available for the X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC to make everyday operation easier and more effective including mounting systems, stainless steel printer boxes, waterproof keyboards and barcode scanner mounts.

X7200 Industrial Touch Panel PC - Widescreen

X7200 Industrial Computer - Rear View X7200 Industrial Computer - Matte Black Finish

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