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For cowshed use, STX Technology offers a range of touch computers and monitors designed to withstand the tough, dirty and wet environment of the cowshed. STX provides solutions for the dairy industry including Harsh Environment Computers, Panel PCs and Extender Touch Monitors.

Located at cups-on, the Extender Touch Monitor displays data from the dairy shed computer, transmitting up to 50m over a CAT5 network cable, providing nutritional data, animal health details and veterinary information to milking staff. It can also be used with an IP68-rated waterproof keyboard and trackpad kit allowing the Vet to interact directly with the herd management system. 

STX Technology’s Cowshed Computers are fully sealed and equipped with Standard or High Bright Touch Screens. The units come complete with IP67 rated connectors, wide power 10VDC~30VDC and Resistive or Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touch options. To extend the life span of the device, it can be provided with a tough, replaceable membrane offering further protection against damage to the screen. Find out more about our Touch Computing Solutions - Contact us today!