X4300-EX Large Format Industrial Extender Monitor Range

The STX X4300-EX Large Format Industrial Touch Extender Monitor Range is proven in a range of different applications including Warehouse Management, Production Line Status Display, Inventory Pick Status and other similar applications. The Tough Aluminium enclosure combined with various mounting options, 240VAC, 110VAC or DC power options, and connectivity options create a strong, tough, complete Industrial Touch Computing solution for virtually any application where a touch commercial large screen monitor is required. Connected via a single CAT5 Ethernet cable both the Video and USB Touch transmitted from the PC to the X4300-EX Industrial Touch Extender Monitor.

STX Technology's large format industrial monitors provide effective and reliable solutions for many different businesses and industrial applications. STX has models that are engineered for humidity, water, dust, and extremes of temperature and can be used in both harsh and regular environments.

STX Technology has a wide range of options and can find a solution to suit virtually any business.


Advantages of X4300-EX Industrial Touch Extender Monitor Range:

  • Operates up to 50M from computer
  • Durable and functional
  • Aluminium enclosure
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Energy-efficient
  • High quality screens
  • Attractive and functional design
  • Easy setup
  • Multiple port and connector options
  • A range of mounting options
  • Long-term customer support


STX Technology has over 15 years experience in this industry and works with leading companies in Australia, New Zealand and all over the World to provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Contact the STX Team today to get more information about our Touch Computing Solutions for your business.


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