New Safety configurations for STX Technology products

Monday, February 18, 2019
X7500 Range - Safety Configuration X7500 Range - Safety Configuration

As a part of the ongoing development process, STX Technology offers a new Safety configuration for several Industrial Touch Panel PC ranges: X7500, X7600, X4500 and X4600. New options include a unique bright Safety Yellow colour to make units easily visible outdoors and in areas where machinery is operated and visibility is a requirement. Another feature is a stainless steel shroud that provides better protection against rain and sun. Combined with high-bright 1200 nits PCAP touch screen and anti-glare film it allows easy display operation even under direct sunlight. 

The X7500 and X4500 ranges feature fully sealed enclosure manufactured in 304 stainless steel. The X7600 and X4600 ranges come with fully sealed aluminium enclosure. All units are equipped with IP67 / IP68 industrial connectors. These touch computers and monitors are built to withstand water, humidity, dust, airborne particles, corrosion and many other environmental factors. They have fanless design and high-quality industrial components to reliably operate 24/7 in demanding conditions and outdoors.

X7500 Range - Safety Configuration X7500 Range - Safety Configuration

STX Technology’s products are proven in a wide range of industrial applications in New Zealand and globally. Every industry has its own requirements. Engineers at STX Technology work in close contact with specialists from many different industries including seaports, mining, food production, goods manufacturing and others to create new products and update current range. These collaborations, as well as customers’ feedback, allows STX Technology to provide high-quality solutions for companies around the world.

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