Vehicle Mounted Monitors

XRH7000 G3

Vehicle Monitor

In-Vehicle Touch Monitor

A range of in-vehicle monitors with touch screens designed to withstand challenging conditions like vibration, shock, temperature extremes, dust, dirt and humidity.

Vehicle Mount Monitors from STX Technology are compact with screen sizes ranging from 8 through to 15 inches. With a rugged touch screen housed in a completely sealed stainless steel enclosure, the XRH7000 In-Vehicle monitor range offers easy accessibility, VGA, HDMI or DVI Video Input and robust Deutsch DT automotive connectors.

For use in a range of applications including:



The STX Vehicle Mounted Terminals are Manufactured in tough aluminium. Strong VESA or RAM mounting, wide power input, connectivity options and many computer port configurations, creates a strong, tough computing solution for virtually any in-vehicle application. STX Technology’s Vehicle Mount Touch PC is ready to be dispatched worldwide. Contact the STX Team today to get more information about STX’s Vehicle Mount Touch Computing solutions.


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