X7000 & X8000 Range Video

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


STX Technology introduces Stainless Steel Harsh Environment Touch Computers for wet, tough and rugged production environments with IP67 (NMEA 6) connectors. Used in weigh scale stations, barcode scanning, printing stations and HMI applications, our products are setting the standard in Harsh Environment Touch Computing. STX’s Touch Computer Range has demonstrated proven reliability across a number of different applications in New Zealand and Australia, including Food, Meat, Fish and Dairy Processing and Production.

The X7000 Range with Dual Core CPU and IP67 (NEMA 6) connectors is a great option for single HMI applications. The X8000 Range with Quad Core CPU is a preferred option when more performance is required.



X7000 Stainless Steel Touch Computer
X8000 Stainless Steel Touch Computer
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